MHS Consultancy stands for Melsert Humane Slaughter and focuses on animal welfare within slaughterhouses. When owner Roy Melsert finished his studies in animal husbandry at agricultural school, he took a summer job at the Janssen Group pig slaughterhouse and became a barn worker.
Animal welfare in the 1990s was not as self-evident as it is today and therefore Roy saw many challenges to improve things for the animals and, by extension, for the company. His motto is ''We like to eat meat and animals have to die for this, this is never fun but we can make sure that animals do not have to suffer pain for this and experience as little fear and stress as possible''.
Over the years he has worked at several large slaughterhouses such as the Van Drie Group, Dumeco, Vion, Westfort and Gosschalk. His goal was to acquire as much knowledge as possible regarding the practice and theory of animal-friendly handling of slaughter animals, stunning, bleeding and checking for signs of consciousness and life.

For him, the past decades have been marked by improvement processes within animal welfare. He has an unprecedented passion for this. During this period, he has built a huge network that includes experts such as Temple Grandin, The Humane Slaughter Association and the University of Bristol. He also regularly works with machine manufacturers who make machines or equipment for slaughterhouses. Within the company, Roy has other field experts he can call on as needed.
Besides his work, Roy is also active in the field of animal welfare in his spare time and has started supporting Eyes On Animals with practical matters such as training people in humane slaughter. He does this in slaughterhouses in Europe and outside Europe. But he also supports them by giving advice on how to change certain practices and optimize processes.
In recent years Roy has been particularly busy helping slaughterhouses that have been in the news because of incidents related to animal welfare. Projects for other organizations in the context of animal welfare also keep him busy and it was in this context that MHS Consultancy was started.